Summershoot - Louise

Some pictures from my latest photoshoot. 

I tried using a reflector for the first time today, and GOD DAMN it is effective! 
When I got home from the shoot, the first thing I did was to log on to my computer, find a perfect reflector and buy it. So right now, I am waiting for it! 

I hope you like my latest pictures.

As you  can see, my blog is kinda full of pictures of Louise. Not that she is a bad model, she is very beautiful and a good model, but I think I'll need some new models.

So I need you! If you need some pictures for your girl- or boyfriend, your mother, father or your family, contact me on either Thor@kirkholt.dk or +45 3132 0613 and we can make a deal. My price is 150,- DKK pr shoot!

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