Story: Leftover from an photographer

I lost my father the 30th December 2010. He was 57 years old, which is far too young.

He was a photographer, and had been that for about 25 years. He was incredibly good at his job, but in 2000 he went down with a mental depression, which forced him to stop living his passion as an photographer. He moved from Aarhus to a little small village near Skanderborg called Hylke with me.

He often asked me; "Will I ever be myself again, Thor?" - I did not know what to answer, because how the hell could I know?! The only thing I knew was that my father was sick. He was very sick.

Over the next 10 years he began to photograph more and more, in spite of his depression. He knew that he would never be 100% himself again, but he kept doing his passion.

His medication dosage was increased, and he got better and better from every day that passed, but in January 2010 he was diagnosed with lung disease (KOL) and hypertension.

In 2010 he passed away and left a lot of friends, family (me, my brother and my sister) and people he loved and people who loved him. 
His house was a few months after his death purchased and the new owners are now busy with the renovation of the house. I have in a while been thinking that I would do a little photo story about the house. The last few weeks I have been taking some pictures of the house when I had the opportunity.

This is my result:

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