Home from The Blast #4

Finally, I am home from The Blast #4. The LAN event that I was hired to cover with my friend, Frederik.
We shot a LOT of pictures, and a lot of video. At the moment, we are editing the movie and when it is finished, I'll post it here on my blog and on my website, so stay tuned!

I'll post the pictures in dates. First, i'll start out with friday:

Friday was the day after everybody arrived. Everyone had been gaming for about 24 hours now, and they were ready for the tournament to start. As you can see on the pictures, people were very concentrated, and a lot of people shouted everytime they won a round against the enemies. The atmosphere was very nice, and the hall was buzzing with shoutouts like "HELL YEAH" and "SICK GUYS!".... So yeah, people enjoyed playing.

Saturday was the biggest day at the event. It was today that the tournament begin forreal. 
It was make or break which means that if you lose all your matches, you would drop out of the tournament. 
People were also shouting today, maybe more than yesterday. 
The atmosphere changed from people having fun and laughing, to people being serious. I have never seen people being that serious and concentrated. 

Today was also the final day at the lan. It was today that the winners of the tournament would be found, and at about 00.40 the grand final was launched. The price was about 20.700,- DKK.

It was very amazing to watch:

 Grand Finals between Epsilon Esports and Copenhagen Wolves 

 Grand Finals between Epsilon Esports and Copenhagen Wolves
(Copenhagen Wolves)


After the grand final which was won my Copenhagen Wolves, people started partying. A lot of beers were bought, and people was once again shouting and having fun - as you can see on the pictures:


The final day. The day were everyone was going home.

The morning started out with the finals in Cocio Crash, a game where you have to drink 2,5l cocio as fast as possible - and the winner wins a new box of cocio.

Thank you for a great event, and see you next year!

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