BHS: Behind the scenes on my last photoshoot.

Hello guys.

Since I posted my last photo shoot of my girlfriend, people have be spamming me with messages like "Oh my god, nice pictures. How did you do?" and such things, so I decided make a little "Behind the scenes" of the shoot.

I've shot just about 3-4 photoshoots before this. However, this is the first photo shoot indoors, so it was completely new to me. I have tried a little back and forth with the light - and as you can see it ended out preeetty well, haha!

My light setup:

Sorry for the bad quality. Taking with an iPhone 4.

All I did was that I took two lamps and placed them on each side of the model, and then I used my speedlight and my 20-35mm lense. After 3 hours we had shot about 200 pictures, and when we opened up the images on the computer, we were surprised of how many good shots we had. I started editing the pictures which resulted in: 

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